12 minute core Bodyweight workout

Having a strong core is not about having great looking abs.

Your abdominal muscles are essential to connecting your lower body to your upper body, posture, protecting our back and organs(and more). It is a functional group of muscles that wrap around from your front to your back, back to your front, legs to your ribs and spine. It isn’t just about a 6 pack which is one muscle, the rectus abdominis.

There are about 35 muscles involved in the core. The big ones are the abdominals, back extensors, lateral trunk muscles, and the hip muscles. This is why just doing crunches and sit ups will not give you a strong core or 6 pack. To have a strong core means to engage the whole body, be stable and strong. To have a 6 pack means you focus on your diet. Truthfully I don’t have a 6 pack. If I did I would not be healthy. Very few women have the genetics to have a 6 pack, have enough fat to be a women, and have balanced hormones. 

Society puts unhealthy expectations on us all the time. You have to sift through and find the truth for yourself and what is healthy for you.


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