Hi, I'm Hailey,
functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Personal Trainer.

Hey there,

      Here is my story: I’m  originally from California, where I met and married my college sweet heart. Soon after, we transplanted to the middle of nowhere New Mexico, then moved to Wyoming and are currently in Colorado. Originally, I created a blog “Celiac on the Range” for someone out there who might benefit from my struggle with Celiac: a true passion project. The ideal reader either had celiac, autoimmune disease, or were trying to figure out what works for their body. The heart of that is still here on Technically Fed Motion and shows up in the FED section through recipes and nutrition resources.

Technically Fed Motion

After much pondering, I came up with a plan to merge all my passions, skills, and experiences to help and teach others what I have learned: to move and eat in a healthy balanced way that builds you up so you can live your life freely. The Technique is the nitty gritty information on nutrition and exercise; Fed is the recipes and nutrition tips; and motion is excise for longevity. We put it all together for the motion of life and maintaining balance. I focus on those who struggle with health, particularly autoimmune and longevity. But all are welcome.

Back Story of my Celiac Journey

         I went twenty years without a diagnosis, and therefore my thyroid as a hard time keeping up. I have had a lot of extra sensitivities/allergies and hard days for no explainable reason. As I healed and got educated on what was goin on I began to figure out the no explainable reasons.

     As someone with celiac, I can’t eat: wheat, rye, and barley. But thanks to cross reactions, I don’t eat most grains (e.g., corn, oats, millet).

     So, yay for potato’s, squash, protein powder, and coconut flour; you will see them in many recipes.

     My husband kindly went gluten free when we got married. So, my house if very safe and the grocery bill is very high. But health is worth the price and we will be healthier in the long run for it.


     I have had intestinal issues since I was a baby, but I was not officially diagnosed till I was twenty years old. Growing up we eliminated foods that, to be polite, went right through me, such as Cheerios. As I got older, more symptoms appeared; however, I was told by doctors, “Your system is just sensitive”, and “Maybe you will grow out of it”. By the time I was nineteen, it was affecting me every day to the point that I was missing work, and no food was helpful. My Mom went into mama bear mode and found an allergist who, on the first appointment, guessed I had Celiac. The diagnosed was latter proved by a blood test and biopsy.

     It was a relief to finally have a diagnosis, but I had 20 years’ worth of damage, which took about five years to heal significantly. Five long years and I’m still not perfect.

     I took the jump to learn more about nutrition and became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. It has helped me personally and others more than my 20-year-old self could have ever imagined.

Back story on my love for motion and technique

     I have always loved to move. Inside, outside, land, or water. I have always been a fish and loved pools, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Through high school, I was on the swim team and played water polo.

     But, the motion that truly holds my heart and passion is dance. I grew up doing ballet and could never let go of it. With the long-term goal of being a dance movement therapist, I majored in Dance and minored in Psychology in college. I focused on performance and choreography (mostly modern dance).

     I am a certified personal trainer, but most of my knowledge of movement comes from dance and science.

I can’t escape from teaching

     I planned to magically have the funds to go to grad school, get a master’s in Dance Movement Therapy, and BOOM…have a great career. Maybe that has happed for some, but that’s just not how life works for me.

         I was a lifeguard and swim instructor for years; it was my first teaching experience. While in college I started teaching dance through the Parks and Recreation Department. After I graduated, I taught at a big fancy dance studio. I could have stayed there for a long time, but life makes you grow, and two months after I married my husband, he got a job in New Mexico. So, off we went. I cried many times for what I thought life could be like: for dance, for community, for family, and grief of my identity.

     After four months of looking for a job and disappointment in the lack of dance in the community, I started teaching at a preschool that was a part of the University (65 miles from where we lived.) I made the most of an imperfect situation and learned as much as I could. Thanks to a tuition waver and a grant, I earned a degree in Early Childhood Education and Family Support. I accomplished all this while trying to run the blog “Celiac on the Range” and its YouTube channel. It was my creative outlet and escape from New Mexico… Sorry, New Mexico, you were not my favorite experience…

Then Wyoming became an option. I invested in myself and became a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer in hopes of turning “Celiac on the Range” into a business. Once in Wyoming, I got a job quickly at a rehabilitation/physical therapy clinic. Which gave me a great leaning opportunity and experience. And inspired me to change “Celiac on the Range” to “Technically Fed Motion.” Now in colorado I work with a local gym and am taking this to the next level for you.

Thanks for being here,


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