First TFM Q & A

We have been getting more personal around here, so I thought it was time for a little question answer session. Some key Questions answered are:


Flexibility VS. Mobility

What is the difference and do you need both? Short answer: Flexibility is how stretchy you are  mobility is your ability to control that stretchy


Programs TFM offers

I guide those with autoimmune issues (and others) to learn how to balance exercise and nutrition with the rest of your life, without causing setbacks


BBQ Sauce Infused Burgers

It’s Burger season! Why save the BBQ sauce for the steaks only when you can infuse your burgers with it’s delicious taste.  For those of


Recovering from a flare

Follow up on yesterday. How I am managing my gut flare, what I eat, some tips..One step at a time, just keep going is what