Modifications For floor Work

What do you do if getting on the floor is uncomfortable, you can’t relax, or feel like you can’t get in the right position? You


Honey Ginger dressing

I got swept up in launching this website that I for got to post for cinco de mayo and mothers day. Oops… It feels so


Welcome to Technically fed Motion

Welcome to Technically Fed Motion From now on find I will be posting on not celiacontherange.comI have transferred 100 recipes and posts over from


How Do I Serve you?

How to I server you?  Where do I Serve? Whats my background/ specialty? Are we a good fit? Instagram.   YouTube.    Patreon.  Facebook


Hailey’s Pancakes

These are my favorite pancakes. I never liked pancakes as a kid. Maybe I intuitively knew that gluten was  bad for me then. I wasn’t diagnosed