First TFM Q & A

We have been getting more personal around here, so I thought it was time for a little question answer session.

Some key Questions answered are:

Height: 1:22

Target Audience:2:11

Health Diagnoses: 2:45 

Equipment I Use: 4:45

Career: 5:57

Who cooks? how GF works: 7:23

Marriage: 8:10

Why I’m doing this: 9:46

Ever fired a gun: 11:17

T.V.: 12:15

Am I religious: 15:00

Pet Peeve: 16:06

How I make money: 17:10

Trend I hope comes back: 20:53

Restaurant I would go to:21:17

What do I to when not working?:21:55

What makes me Angry: 22:20

There are more answers in the video but that gives you an idea of what you will find. Watch below. 


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