Posture 101 How to improve your posture

It is hard to keep good posture all the time. There are four key check points that help you see where you are at when it comes to posture. Start with your foundation, your feet, then work your way up to your pelvis, ribcage then head. 

In this video I break it down for you in about 10 minutes.

Below I have included some visuals to show you what each check point looks like when you are out of alignment. How to improve your posture

There are 4 main check points let’s go through them. 

Posture starts with the foundation of ur feet. We walk heal to toe rolling through from the middle of your heal to your first 2 toes. That makes a nice triangle to stand on.

Jumping up to ur pelvis does it dump anteriorly (forward) or posterior (back). Also do u sit into one hip a lot when standing?
Your pelvis is like a bucket you DON’T want what’s inside to spill out So find that neutral/ middle position. (More details in video)

Ribcage floats in the middle.
It could be too far any direction it takes a lot of core(includes ur back) to keep it stable and neutral. (I break it down and how shoulders are involved in the video)

Last but not least your head.
It sits on top of everything. If you have stacked up our building blocks( feet, pelvis, ribcage) your head should sit right on top. But we sit a lot and look down a lot. Which messes with your alignment. Try chin down and back and give your self a double chin to give your self a break from all the looking down/computer look.
Again check out the video for the full load down. 


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