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TFM Mission

On technically Fed Motion you will find:

Technique: Science applied to nutrition and exercise

Fed: recipes and nutrition

Motion: exercise for longevity in balance with the rest of your life

At The Core

  • Being healthy is invaluable, but you cannot live in a bubble. You need to be able to live your life and enjoy it. It is hard to sift through the personal opinions, diet, and exercise trends. I’m here to help you navigate through misinformation and guide you towards what works for you. For example, just because I’m gluten free does not mean I think you should be.


  • We all have challenges that we deal with. Some challenges that Technically Fed Motion addresses are fatigue, stress management, autoimmune issues, injuries, and how to put nutrition and exercise together for you.


  • Technically Fed Motion teaches science based information that is useful and understandable. So, you can be equipped to make informed decisions.


  • Everyone’s diet is different because we are all different, and that’s a good thing. Food is for nourishment. I present the facts, and you decide.  However, on the blog I also share what I eat which is gluten free, grain free, soy free, and dairy free… (All the frees)

How technically fed motion can help?

By integrating mobility, stability, strength, and nutrition together with Hailey’s training, professional, and personal experience. You will find programs that are designed for consistency, maintaining, progression, and de-loading. With the goal of providing you a foundation that keeps your body healthy and in balance with everything else going on with your life.

Who is Technically Fed Motion For?

    Anyone can find benefits from TFM. If it is a high stress time, can’t get to the gym, you need foundational work for other fitness goals, cross training, coming back from an injury, struggling to stay in shape due to autoimmune issue or illness, these programs were designed with you in mind. Many of the movements are based on bodyweight, Pilates, yoga, and resistance training. 

Motion Program breakdown

*Each session is under 60 minutes.

*warmups, cool down and stretching are included.

*A video and templet are provided for each session.

*Exercise breakdowns are available. All programs are lifetime access.

*You can take these programs anywhere anytime.

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Nutriton Program Breakdown

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