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 It’s been a busy summer. My husband and I just moved states again! We have lived in four states and we believe it’s our last big move. With the moves comes many good things. It means less restrictive nutrition laws. I will be giving more nutrition tips and possibly seeing clients! It also means a new place to film with better lighting!  We are living in a small place only about 700 sq. ft. I am currently figuring out the best filming spots and angles. 

     Of course with the move have quite my in person job and I am now working only online. I teach on two platforms VIPKIDS and Outschool. When I am not teaching around the world I will be pouring in to Technically Fed Motion! I am figuring out my schedule and balance with all of this. When I know what days I will be posting content for you I will let you Know!

Watch the videos below for a glimpse into my life and a more thorough update

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