Upper Body 15 Minutes Workout

How do you feel about about your arms?I used to think my arms were too big and not defined. I grew up swimming I had functional upper body strength. My arms helped me do what I enjoy (swim) but I played the comparison game and that isn’t healthy.

We all have different unique bodies and it’s ok to be strong or not.

I’ve gotten over it and enjoy being strong.

With the way you workout and your genetics your arms will look like your arms not someone else’s. Are you ok with that?

My arms will be bigger than the others at ballet and never be as defined as other and I’m ok with that. Strength is important to me.

It can be overwhelming to decide to do an arm/upper body workout. Do u use weights, just do pushups, what if you can’t do a pushups.

Bodyweight exercises are a great place to start and are great for cross training.

I’ve got a 15 minute upper body workout for you. Let’s work on your strength.

Modify what u need press pause and rest when you need.

Where are you at with your arms?

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